Itching to Get Going…

Having moved a household, a group sitting practice, a music studio and a warehouse of tools and gear from Brattleboro back up to northern Vermont, the big question now is “where do we put it all?”  It’s feeling a bit clogged here in one building instead of three.  Pretty soon I hope all of it will find its rightful place.  It’s time.

Sunlight In Studio

This beautiful workshop, sitting, exhibition and screening room (also my personal music studio when the public is not around) is slowly emptying of boxes.  The rest of the building is  now nearly ready  to accommodate guests and serve as a welcome environment for my work, nourishment and inspiration.  The punch list grows shorter every week.  Soon we will set the date for our first public house concert.  [Construction and mutual design with Jacob Rogen of]

Michael Cerulli Billingsley – Curator and Event Coordinator


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