Exhibition & Screening at Dar Gur

Because we expect a diverse local & regional audience for our house concerts and workshops, it makes perfect sense that we provide simultaneous exhibition space for regional artists.  Besides having his or her own reception, each artist gets to also present work directly to the public at other events during the same week.

To do that, we have almost completed our exhibition lighting… with even 5000k LED illumination for critical viewing… against a natural background of aged pine planking.  (The planks originally were our 1890 hayloft floorboards, in this renovated horse barn.)  Total running exhibition wall is 42 feet (by 4 feet high) in a high-ceilinged 18 x 37′ room.


Other events here will benefit from projection video and laptop presentations, so we have also installed a high resolution projector and an 8′ wide screen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking ahead, we already know we will be featuring a series with visiting filmmakers (showing & discussing their work) as well as selected films in conjunction with topics ranging from racism to climate change.


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