A ramp for all purposes

Sometimes a ramp is more than a ramp, and this one is an example of that.


Straight ahead will be the cupboard and sliding drawers for the storage of meditation cushions and Buddhist supplies.

To the left, and as part of the landing which leads to the back hallway (and accessible bathroom) is a flat area set up to service events… water kettle, coffee maker, toaster, microwave oven and supplies like sweetener and salt.  There is also a small refrigerator for cream, butter and other perishables.

Perhaps just as importantly (and the wood support dowels are visible here) both beside the ramp and under the landing (in a compartment with a hinged door) is storage for almost 300 pieces of exhibition glass ranging in size from 8×10″ up to 23×32″   Gathered over years of gallery work, this glass supply helps with setting up very quick exhibitions – wherein unframed but matted work goes directly up on the exhibition wall..

Most importantly, this ramp is a ramp.  A little bit steeper than ADA, but wide enough to fairly easily get up the 14″ rise between the studio floor to the back hall and bathroom.  As time passes, we hope to even better serve persons with mobility disabilities, so they can participate fully in our programs and events.


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